Artist by heart

Uniqueness comes hand in hand with my life path, with the circle of birth and death and with the time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with the persistence to make a dream come true. Everything comes from Passion, Persistence and Belief.

My aim is to inspire people to stop for an instant and feel different for a moment in time, to make them immerse in their imagination, believing in their dreams.


Dodo Newman the Artist

Dodo Newman the Author

Author see for yourself

I present the Out of the Box side of investment and business philosophy based on my life experiences with real time examples lived through my own phases of life instead of just pure theories.

I always introduce the different sides of thinking and artistic creations. I usually use contemporary art in my examples because they can move the imagination as well as deliver a huge potential and high values.


Inspirationaliste and motivator

The complexity of my life path made me what I am. Born into a diplomat family I know what it means to move, to adapt to different habits, cultures and climates. I lived in different cities of the World in India, Iran, Hungary, Italy, UK, US, France, Monaco and Germany, admiring and adopting to the cultural mix, experiencing different tastes and detecting the wonderful, endless colours of life.

When I first meet people, often their first impression of me is that my philosophy and the way of thinking is far away from the standards, and sometimes they seem almost impossible. I believe that impossible means = i m possible.

During my professional and personal experiences often I had to break the walls and start from the most disadvantageous positions to overcome the obstacles and to realize my visions. I do not fear to go until the very end and I never give up until I find the breakthrough.


Dodo Newman The Inspirationaliste

Selected References

Royal jewellery artwork for Princess Charlene of Monaco
Red Cross auction for the reconstruction of Haiti
100th Anniversary of the Titanic Commemorative project
International University of Monaco